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Hey there! My name is Mark and I’m a game developer and programmer. Welcome to my portfolio, have a look around and try out some games!

Who am I?

Hey there! My name is Mark. I’m currently studying bachelor game development. I enjoy making games and trying out new prototypes. Currently I’m mostly focusing on multiplayer virtual reality games and doing all sorts of other games on the side.

My primary work in games in programming, I mostly work in Unity3D using C#

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I’m primarily a programmer and the langues I know most about are C#, Java, Haxe and Python.


Game Development

My main work is in the creation of games, but I have also created multiple applications in the past.

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If you would like to take a look at projects I have created and the associated code check out my GitHub.


The games and programs I have developed and worked on


Mobile Online Race Game

Chicken AI

AI Flocking Test


Co-op Wave Shooter

Bit Battle

2D Platform Fighter

Zombie Apocalypse

VR Zombie Shooter

Alien Defense

VR Shooter Game

Journey of Elan

Adventure Card Game

Rocket Chicken

Mobile Flight Game

Sprite Runners

First Multiplayer Mobile Game

Latest Posts

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In here I will be posting blogs about interesting things…

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What People Say

opinions from people i've worked with

"Good programmer and teacher. Knowledgeable about what he is good at and can find bugs really quickly."
S. Atanasov
"Having worked with him a lot on various projects I can say he knows what he is good and always finds a solution."
J. Doddema
"What can I say, a nice guy to work with. Really knows what he is talking about and gets the work done on time."
W. Vos
VR Arcade

Contact Me

If you’re interesting in any of my work or just want to ask me something. Please use the contact form to send me a message.