VR Shooter Game

Alien Defense

Alien Defense

This is game was made while working for FreeRoamVR. It is the third game I have made while working here, it has a lot more improvements over the previous game Apocalypse I had made there. This game is more focused on playing tactically and using the environment in your advantage. This time instead of hordes of zombies coming your way, you shoot aliens that have invaded multiple cities.

The enemies in this game can also shoot back and have much more complicated AI systems that allow them to flank and target objectives based on what is more important at the time. The advantages over the previous public game is that this game works much more based on a set timeline so the you will always get the full experience when playing in a arcade.

For this game we had about 5 people working on it, which allowed us to increase the quality of the game by a significant amount and the development time was cut down quite a bit. My primary work on this game was getting the networking, player and AI done.


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March 2018

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